Hair styles: Find the right hair cut for your face shape

Beyond your hair texture and thickness, the shape of your face plays a key role in determining the best hair cuts for you. We help you decode the hair cut/face shape mystery.

Jan 16, 2012
Karen Kwan
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Hair styles: The best hair cutes for your face shape

“Face shape is a key part of a hair cut, and what is interesting with the celebrities we’re talking about here is that they’ve had the same or similar hair for awhile because it’s what works best for them,” says Brennen de Melo, owner of De Melo Studio in Toronto. “A lot of Hollywood’s A-list actresses keep it simple when it comes to hair.”

He adds, though, that there really is no set rule that says certain face shapes need certain hair cuts. “It’s just more of a guideline that you can use,” he says. “So when you’re wondering why certain hair cuts don't look good on you, it’s usually your face shape that comes into play.” Not to worry, though. “There is a perfect short, long and mid-length haircut for every face shape—you just need the find the custom cut for you.”

Here are some of our favourite hair cuts to flatter five common face shapes and why they work.

You have an oval face if the length of your face is greater than the width of your face.

Celebrity inspiration: Jessica Alba


The key with an oval face type is that your haircut can really change the shape of your face—and lucky for you, oval faces can really play with all types of haircuts, says De Melo, from short to long depending on your hair texture. Add a fringe on an oval face and your face will become more square looking, while a mid-length cut with some layers adapted to your hair texture to create movement is another good look for this length.

You have a square face if the width and length of your face is very similar and you have a broad jaw line and forehead.

Celebrity inspiration: Olivia Wilde


If your face is square, your face allows you to go with harder lines in your cut, such as a shorter bob. From cutting a fringe to accenting the jaw line or going with longer hair with shorter layers to add texture and soften the face shape—all of this is do-able with your face shape. One thing you may want to avoid? Slashing off too much length. “Very short hair can look very hard on a face shape like this,” says De Melo.

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