Bad hair day: 5 easy hair savers

Bad hair days begone! We hunt down the culprits for not-so-nice hair days and find solutions to keep your lock gorgeous and healthy.

Aug 17, 2012
Natalie Bahadur
Bad hair day: 5 easy hair savers

Many of us face the same hair dilemmas over and over again: Thin hair, split ends, dull colour, flyaways and dryness. And they all contribute to those oh-so-annoying bad hair days. So we checked in with Palma Anshilevich, a hair artist with Bangstyle (, to find out how to battle these hair afflictions with products and inexpensive at-home treatments that can really save your hair, and limit those bad hair days:

Bad hair day problem: Split ends
Raise your hand if you can’t live without your blow dryer, flat iron and curling iron. Yeah, that’s what we thought. As essential as these tools may be to your beauty routine, you know they’re causing stress to your tresses.

“To help prevent split ends, visit your hairstylist at least every six to eight weeks for a trim,” advises Anshilevich. “Within that time frame, you will avoid split ends from traveling up the mid-shaft of your hair which causes that severely damaged look. Products that can be used to help repair split ends range from shampoos and conditioners, serums and hair masks.”

At home treatment:
Anshilevich recommends applying coconut oil to the mid-shaft and ends of your hair once a week and leaving it in for an hour, following with shampoo and conditioner.

Bad hair day problem: Dull colour
If you colour your hair, you know that dyes can eventually take a toll on your hair, leaving it looking lackluster when you’re actually trying to make it shine.

Hair colour can become dull if you don't maintain, moisturize and hydrate your hair with the right products,” says Anshilevich. “Using the right shampoo and conditioner will help keep your hair colour as it was when you left the salon.” Anshilevich says to avoid shampoos and conditioners that contain sulphates because they will dull, dry and break your hair, as well as strip it of colour. Instead, look for ones that are specifically formulated to hydrate your hair.

At home treatment: “Apply a thick yogurt all over clean hair and leave on for an hour followed by shampoo and conditioner,” says Anshilevich. “Yogurt has enriching elements such as zinc, calcium, vitamin B1, B2, B-6 and B-12 and protein. Made up of healthy enzymes, it will add natural oils to your hair to help avoid dull hair. This treatment can be used once every two weeks.”

Bad hair day problem: Flyaways
Flyaways might be cute and fuss-free on a casual beach weekend but they can be a girl’s worst hair enemy if you’re trying to achieve a sleek hairstyle.

Treatment: Anshilevich recommends a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to prevent flyaways. “Damaged and broken hair is what causes flyaways so making sure your hair is moisturized keeps your hair follicles full and controlled,” she says. “Be sure to only wash your hair every other day so that your natural oils have a chance to work its way through your cuticles. Your natural oils create weight and will help to control flyaways.”

At home treatment:
Whip up a hair mask made from one egg yolk and olive oil mixed together. “Apply to clean hair and leave on for half an hour, then follow with shampoo and conditioner,” advises Anshilevich. “This treatment can be done once a week, especially in the winter.”

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