Holiday beauty: Glowing skin

Your prettiest, healthiest skin awaits you this festive season! We share all the never-fail details on how you can get glowing skin for every party, soiree and get-together. Bring on the invites.

Nov 25, 2013
Jaclyn Tersigni
Holiday beauty: Glowing skin

Holiday season is party season and that means putting your best face forward. For a tried-and-true holiday look, focus on luminous, glowing skin that looks lit from within. “The better your skin looks, the better makeup in general will look,” says Smashbox global pro lead artist Lori Taylor. “It's all about getting your skin as perfected as possible.”

Perfect, glowing skin – or at least the illusion of it – requires the right skin care routine and smart makeup application. To help you achieve a flawless base, Toronto-based dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett and Taylor offer their tips.

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Exfoliate Dry skin is beauty enemy number one in the winter months – it can lead to flakes and scales that don't get along with makeup. “The most important thing we can do is exfoliate,” Kellett says. “I like exfoliating cleansers, like a gel-based cleanser that has some beads in it. That way you're cleaning with the beads but you're not stripping [the skin].” And avoid vigorous scrubbing; it can cause additional redness and irritation.

Moisturize Keeping moisture in the skin is important to avoid looking and feeling chapped. “If you have acne prone skin, you can use gel moisturizers during the winter,” Kellett says. “If you're a drier skin type, you can look for a cream-based moisturizer.” Drier skin types may also want to swap for showers for baths during the winter months to help your skin glow, and all skin types should remember to apply moisturizer while skin is still wet - “you increase absorption when you put something on wet skin,” Kellett says.

Treat For more dramatic brightening results, Kellett recommends diamond peels or laser peels to remove dead skin cells and promote skin's luminosity. For topical solutions, try a topical retinol for promoting cell turnover or a vitamin C topical (25% concentrations or higher) to increase brightness.

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