Beauty tips: Holiday beauty 101

Beauty hold up! Before you start adding on false eyelashes, loads of shimmer and berry red lipsticks, remember that ‘less is more’, especially when it comes to your holiday beauty routine.

Nov 26, 2013
Natalie Bahadur
Beauty tips: Holiday beauty 101

With the holiday season buzzing and party after party for you to attend, you're busier than Ryan Seacrest on New Year's Eve. That could mean you swipe on as much makeup as possible to get glammed up, but don’t forget that, as with many things, your makeup included, less is usually more. So before you pile on the sparkles and dig out the false eyelashes, we say take a step back and reconsider. Is a face full of sparkle really your best look? Or should that trick be left to Nicki Minaj (really the only person who can legitimately pull it off).

GALLERY: SHIMMER MAKEUP for the holidays

“The number one mistake women make with holiday makeup is going the ‘more is more’ route,” says David Allan Jones, a makeup artist at Page One Management in Toronto. “This works on a Christmas tree but not for your makeup.” So, what does work? Jones fills us in on his best beauty tips for the festive season.

Beauty tips: Choose one feature to highlight
A full face of makeup can be difficult to get just right. “Full makeup requires perfect balance and that takes years for us professionals to achieve and requires a balanced face as well,” explains Jones. “To avoid this, you must pick one feature to use as your standout moment when you enter a room.” Jones says to choose between your eyes, mouth, cheeks, brows, eyelashes and skin; let one feature shine and let the others star in supporting roles. “Whatever you do, your support features should be groomed and whatever you what you want to show off, you need to turn up the volume and that's it,” he says.

So instead of going the ‘more is more’ route (put those false eyelashes aside), here’s how to look dazzling this holiday beauty season, without going over the top.


Beauty tips: Instead of ... False eyelashes
Try ... Dramatic eye makeup

Here’s how: “Take a black pencil and fill in the base of your lashes to make the roots of your lashes look thicker,” says Jones. “Then, with a cotton tip with makeup remover, take away the extra so the black is just at the base only. With an eyelash curler, give your lashes a full curl until it feels like they’re about to touch your brows. Start with the top of the lashes, then push the mascara wand from the under side, swaying it side to side as you push and roll the wand up the length of your lashes. As you get to the end of the lashes, hold the wand for a moment so that you don't lose the work you did on the curl. Do this three of four time or until you get the thickness that you are happy with.” False eyelashes need not apply.

Beauty tips: Instead of ... Sparkle on your face
Try ...Beauty balm

Here’s how: “There is a big trend of beauty balms for the cheeks right now,” says Jones. “They give colour and a beautiful sheen of glow to the cheeks. Givenchy has a beautiful lip and cheek balm that gives shine and a touch of colour. Marcelle has a foundation balm that I've just come across that gives a beautiful feel to the skin.”

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