Beauty secret: How to pull off a daring look

Not sure how to shake up your makeup routine? ELLE Canada's expert advice reveals beauty secrets to help you pull off daring looks.

Sep 19, 2012
Karen Kwan
	Beauty secret: How to pull off a daring look

With the exception of the most confident and self-assured amongst us, many of us covet out-there, pushing-the-envelope looks, but don't feel we can pull them off.

Come to think of it, even just applying a sexy smoky eye or wearing a richly hued lipstick is more than what many of us feel we manage. So how to wrap your head around pulling off a bold look so you can "werk it"? Some words of wisdom from beauty pros on how to develop your beauty backbone.

 Beauty secret 1: Remind yourself that the look is temporary
"Remember, it's just makeup -- it washes off," says Jessica Jara, a makeup artist with Stila Cosmetics.

So don't stress over it. And in the case of more permanent looks, for example, candy-hued haircolour, look for more temporary choices, such as using Kevin Murphy Color Bugs to give your hair a fun, unexpected, non-committal touch of colour that shampoos out.

Beauty secret 2: Work on one element at a time for an entire bold makeup look
Graphic eyeliner, look-at-me lip colour and long flirty lashes may all come together on the runway and it's the look you want to try, but if you're shy and nervous about it, start by trying a single bold feature at a time, says Jara. "Choose one focal point, whether it's the cheeks or lip, and try that one day," she says, until you're more at ease with each element of the look.

Beauty secret 3: Consider alternatives that make your bold choice easier for you
Say, for example, you're swooning over the deep, matte blackberry lip colours that are in this fall. But it's such a departure for your usual, neutral lip, which you don't even to reapply as it fades inconspicuously given its natural tone, that you're reluctant to try the trend.

Anna Nenoiu, a Toronto-base makeup artist with the agency Page One Management, suggests looking a deep plum shade in a lip stain or pigmented lip balm. With their longer staying power, you'll have to reapply less often, she says, and depending on the one you choose, the intensity may be more sheer, which will help train your eye to seeing you in a purple lip.

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