5 never-fail holiday beauty looks

The classic red lip, sultry smoky eyes and just the slightest hint of shimmer ... our guide to a flawless and timeless holiday beauty look.

Nov 14, 2012
Natalie Bahadur
5 never-fail holiday beauty looks

Some makeup looks are so tried, tested and true that you know they’ve always got your back (we will forever love a rosy cheek and a subtle cat eye swoosh of liner). Swipe on a red lip or add volume to your hair with some soft waves, or create soft smoky eyes and you know you're instant-party-ready.

Before you head out the door to one of the many holiday gatherings we know you're checking off of your calendar this season, perfect your look with these five, we-swear-they-never-fail holiday beauty looks. Hello, gorgeous!

1. Holiday beauty: The red lip
Some women feel that a bold lipstick is too much but if a red lip is wrong, then we don’t want to be right. Classic, effortless and elegant (and done just right), an enviable red lip is a beauty look that’s sophisticated and easy to achieve. Perfect for the holidays, the red lip is not only dramatic but totally festive, too.

How to get the look
First, prime your lips so they’re ready for red. “Exfoliate and moisturize the lips first to make any lipstick look its best,” says Grace Lee, Maybelline New York Lead Makeup Artist, Canada. She recommends Maybelline’s Baby Lips SPF 20 Lip Moisturizing Balm, for a hydrating fix.

DO take your outfit into consideration when choosing the perfect shade of red. “Make sure the red matches your clothing’s undertone,” advises Lee. “Take a closer look at the material; is it a blue red, coral red? Pick a complementary lipstick colour so you don’t look ‘off’. If you want your teeth to look extra white, stick to reds with a blue based undertone,” she says.

DON’T apply red lipstick to your bare lips. “Apply a lip pencil all over your lip first, then apply lipstick,” says Lee. “Blot, then apply another layer of lipstick.”

2. Holiday beauty: Smoky eyes
Nothing adds drama to your makeup more than smoky eyes. Every celeb who has walked the red carpet knows it. But applied incorrectly, you might look like you’re sporting a shiner, rather than being a shining example of makeup done right.

How to get the look
Lee suggests sticking to earth tones rather than black or dark grey eye shadow when it comes to never-fail smoky eyes. “The key is blending,” says Lee. “Start with a pencil, line your eyes top and bottom, and blend it out so there’s no harsh line. Then blend eye shadow into the eyeliner with a soft bristle brush. Add a darker colour if necessary, closer to the lash line and keep blending. Did I mention blend?!” We heard you! Blend. Let’s say it together: BLEND.

DO did we mention to blend?

DON’T fear mixing a bold eye with bold lips. Lee says to wear what you’re most comfortable with. There are no rules.

Perfect your holiday beauty with glowing skin and shimmer (just a touch!) on the next page ...


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