Concealer 101: How to apply concealer

Achieve a flawless complexion with the right concealer know-how with these expert beauty tips.

Sep 22, 2011
Lia Parsley
Beauty school: Concealer 101

This season, concealer stepped up as the power player in makeup artists’ bags. Backstage at Giambattista Valli and YSL, makeup artists created minimalist, androgynous looks and the right concealer helped them put the finishing touches on the perfect canvas. And there’s no way you can have a flawless finish without touching up with a bit of concealer. We asked Lucky Bromhead, Makeup Artist at MTV for her beauty tips on how to get concealer right.

“In my experience, you need to have two concealer shades at your disposal,” says Bromhead. “Concealer often needs to tackle a few different problem areas including dark (purple-toned) circles under the eyes and other imperfections like blemishes — and it’s rare that the same colour will work in both places.”

The best way to get a good colour match for under-eye concealer is to choose one with a peachy undertone (no matter how light or dark your skin is).

“A peach undertone will help brighten and wake up the eye area,” says Bromhead. “Stay away from yellow or olive tones (even if you have olive skin) under the eyes as they tend to make the skin look dull.” Bromhead also advises using an under-eye concealer that is only slightly lighter than your overall colouring. “You don’t want a white raccoon-like mask around your eyes.”

For the face
Bromhead’s advice is to test colours along the jaw line: “To choose a concealer to cover blemishes or other imperfections on the rest of the face, swatch tones along the jaw and look carefully, preferably in natural daylight, for a perfect match. You know you have the right shade if it disappears completely when you blend it.” When in doubt, ask an expert at the department store for help. “The concealer should not be darker, lighter, look ashy or too pink — it should blend seamlessly into the skin,” Bromhead says.

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