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Car shows, 3-D TV and even boxing matches inspire beauty trend trackers' latest finds.

Sep 20, 2011
Stephanie Epiro
Geoffrey Ross


What they want is the makeup, not excess packaging.” We’re definitely seeing less packaging today, but Light suggests that it has more to do with the minimalist ripple effect of the capsule trend than with the pods alone.

To keep tabs on technical advances in paint and trends in colour, Light attends car shows. At a European show in 2010, she zeroed in on a “gorgeous” bronze shade that Range Rover used as its statement colour. Intrigued, Light (rightfully) predicted that the colour would find its way into makeup palettes this fall. “Bronze is the new metallic,” she says, adding that we will continue to see this It colour well into 2012.

The idea of 3-D makeup may sound far-fetched, but researchers are picking up on this tech trend, which first surfaced in video games, television and movies. Intercos, an Italian cosmetics manufacturer that works with the world’s top beauty companies, has developed a 3-D-inspired special-effects powder called Prisma Shine. While the company won’t say who it collaborated with, it confirmed that 3-D moulded blushes and bronzers are already on the market. Madina Ferrari, creative director for Intercos, also used this special-effects powder to design a product that makes skin look “hyperreal”—like something out of a retouched photograph.

The goal was to ensure that the product—a translucent powder that reflects light in a flattering way—wasn’t simply a case of form over function. “We wanted strong, pure, translucent colour that doesn’t just ‘sit’ on the skin,” explains Ferrari. While she hopes that, come spring, the Prisma Shine technology will find its way into your makeup bag via a big beauty brand, Ferrari and other trend trackers are already finetuning beauty’s new look for 2013 and beyond.

Whatever is in the cards—maybe we will be buying agate eyeshadow or a moisturizer that works like a lip plumper for the furrowed-brow area—the trend trackers are keeping their ideas locked away...for now.

“It’s an amazing time to be in the beauty industry because what’s acceptable now is so different from the past,” says Light. “Blue and green nail polish wouldn’t have been the norm a decade ago; now, no one even blinks at it. The future of beauty is infinite.”

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