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Apr 24, 2008
Stefanie Polsinelli


Ask a derm
Q: What are essential fatty acids, and how are they beneficial to the skin?

"Essential fatty acids [EFAs] are fatty acids that can't be made by the body and thus need to be obtained from our diet,” says Dr. Lisa Kellett of DLK On Avenue. "They are found in fish, canola oil, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and flaxseed, among other things. EFAs are necessary for maintaining the barrier and structure of the skin -- specifically, the stratum corneum. There isn't a lot of evidence to support the use of EFAs in cosmetics, but they may enhance cell membrane structure and function and may have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin."

Biotherm Baume Corps Intensive Body Treatment ($33)
The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter ($22)



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